ABCD Analysis

The analysis consists of a series of statements. It is important that you answer the questions based on your everyday job.

There are no right or wrong answers. Go with your first impression of how you handle the situation in question.

For each question, there will be assigned 9 points between the two statements.

Have independent opinions 7 2 Seeks acceptance from others
Straightforward and direct 9 0 Avoids confrontations

Have independent opinions Seeks acceptance from others
Outspoken and direct Avoids confrontations
Works independently Dependent on others
Focus on own ideas Attentive to ideas and thoughts of others
Makes independent decisions Listens to others
Sets goals and works toward them Works toward common goals/whishes
Motivated by the cause Motivated by people
Takes the lead Tries to fit in
Controls the situation Adapts to the situation
Require clear facts Sees the alternatives
Proactive Hesitant
Sceptic and must be persuaded Sympathetic
Impatient Patient
Logic way of thinking Abstract way of thinking
Stubborn Diplomatic
Insistent Relaxed
Lacks empathy High sense of compassion
Controlling Considerate
Large circle of friends Has a few good friends
Impulsive Pensive
Likes to experiment Seeks the safe solution
Maintains perspective Detail oriented
Talkative Listening
Works unsystematic Works systematic
Willing to take risks Seeks comfort
Creative way of thinking Analytic way of thinking
Very social Less social
Starts many projects Organized - likes to have a plan
Active and initiating Dutiful and perserverant
Direct Withdrawn
Seeks corporation with others Prefers to work alone
Makes quick decisions Thinks before speaking
Dramatising Objective and clear
Open in the company of others Quite in the company of others
Abstract way of thinking Thinks concretely
Shows emotions Hides emotions